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The Gainesville Police Department is actively 

partnering with the community to provide

awareness on gun violence.

Our goal is to focus on education, engagement,

and mobilization towards reducing gun

violence in our community.

The initiative will run from Dec 4th - 16th

with various community events city-wide.

Event Schedule

Dec 4th - Unity Walk

On Sunday, Dec 4th at 5:00pm, the Gainesville Police Department, in collaboration with various community organizations, will lead a community unity walk against
gun violence. This day will be dedicated to prayer for our city and all directly
or indirectly impacted by gun violence.

We are asking the community to join us on this day and to wear orange, which
is the color symbolizing gun violence awareness.

The walk will start at the Oak Tree Early Learning Academy, located at 
1414 NE 23rd Ave.

Dec 5th - Mental Health Check-In for the Holidays

On Monday, Dec 5th, the Gainesville Police Department's Co-Responder Unit
will be providing information, resources, and candy canes at various locations
while conducting mental health check-ins.

Dec 6th - Neighborhood Clean-Up

On Tuesday, Dec 6th, the Gainesville Police Department is partnering with our 

neighbors in the community to make the neighborhood safer by removing debris, trash

and undesirable items. The day will include going door to door sharing resources and

holiday greetings with our neighbors in the Pineridge community.

Dec 7th - Engage via Social Media

On Wednesday, Dec 7th, the Gainesville Police Department would like

everyone to join us in making the "Sandy Hook Promise" and participate in the "Sandy Hook Promise Survey".


Make the promise at Stand with us — Sandy Hook Promise 

Dec 8th - Neighborhood Policing Initiative
***RSVP Only***

On Thursday, Dec 8th, ay 8:00am in the Gainesville Police Department's 

Hall of Heroes, a training that invites both officers and community members to gather

and discuss the definition of neighborhood policing; how the history of policing is

relevant to our present; the necessity of community programs and resources; and

recognizing trauma and learning to communicate with empathy. The training is a

trailblazing opportunity and will provide an opportunity for perspective, understanding

and growth.

Space will be limited. 

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Lt M Brown at

Dec 9th - Special Outreach Night

On Friday, Dec 9th, at 6:00pm, the Gainesville Police Department is partnering

with the community for a special time to focus on gun violence education and 

awareness. This will be a fun night reserved for a special neighborhood in our community.

Dec 10th - Gun Buy

On Saturday, Dec 10th, 9:00am - 12:00pm, the Gainesville Police Department is partnering with Upper Room Ministries (3575 NE 15th St) to host a Gun Buy. Those that choose to turn in their firearms will be compensated. Visit GPD's FACEBOOK page closer to the event for more details. 

Dec 11th - Community Resource Expo

On Sunday, Dec 11th, at 2:00pm at the Gainesville Police Department's Rails to Trails located behind GPD, we will host a Community Resource Expo that will provide tons of information on gun safety and gun ownership education. Partners within the community will be tabling at the event to provide programs and resources that focus on jobs, education, youth, sports, health and nutrition, and more. 

For more information and/or interest in tabling at the event, please contact Lt Ward at

Dec 12th - Police/Youth Dialogue
***RSVP Only***

On Monday, Dec 12th from 4:30pm - 8:30pm, the Gainesville Police Department will host a Police/Youth Dialogue. This event involves students and officers to engage in a healthy conversation to gain understanding and build relationships. The dialogue between the students and officers will hopefully allow some room for growth, explanation, education, and positive interaction. This event will consist of dialogue, fun scenarios, breakout sessions, a Q&A portions, and dinner. The event is for students ages 13-18.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Lt M Brown at

Dec 13th - Secure Your Valuables and Vehicles

On Tuesday, Dec 13th, the Gainesville Police Department will conduct vehicle report card checks in residential and business areas to remind our community members to safely secure your valuables in your vehicle. 

Dec 14th - Engage via Social Media

On Wednesday, Dec 14th, the Gainesville Police department would like everyone to join us via social media to encourage our youth to SAY NO to guns and to SAY NO to violence. Make a social media post with an orange heart and share how you plan to spread awareness. Use the hashtag #GNVUnited and tag @gainesvillepolicedepartment on Facebook. 

Dec 15th - A Promise for Toys

On Thursday, Dec 15th at 2:30pm, the Gainesville Police Department will pack the patrol vehicles with toys and travel around the city to share toys for the holidays. Each youth that receives a toy will take a pledge that promises not to use guns. 

"I will never take a gun to school. I will never use a gun to settle a personal problem or dispute. I will use my influence with my friends to keep them from using guns to settle disputes"

Dec 16th - #GNVUnited "A Night of Compassion"

On Friday, Dec 16th at 5:00pm, the Gainesville Police Department will host a night of compassion remembering our loved ones that have fallen to gun violence. We will be spending time with our community members in the Duval neighborhood. 

Please join us for this night of compassion.

Email any questions or RSVP to

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